CorMax AQA Ball


CorMax AQA Balls are water fillable reinforced PVC balls that allow you to recreate numerous lifting exercises. Even with so little water, any exercise increases intensity and offers a new challenge. CorMax AQA Balls are safe and effective way of training every muscle in your body.

Exercising with the CorMax range, the sloshing of water pulls and pushes you in every direction igniting your stabilizing & core muscles instantly and working them to the max. The less water fill, the more CorMax products increase their instability.  Each of the three AQA balls holds a specific amount of water, providing a unique weight for working out with.

Dimensions: Small – 11” diameter; Medium – 15.7” diameter; Large – 19.6” diameter

Weight: Small - up to 33 lbs.; Medium – up to 55 lbs.; Large – up to 88 lbs.

Material: Double lined PVC/webbed handles with neoprene cover

Key Benefits:

  • Increase Core Strength
  • Improves Power & Strength
  • Builds Stability Muscles
  • Improves Reaction Time
  • Optimizes Motor Control
  • Helps Prevent Injuries
  • Aids Rehabilitation

Every CorMax order will include a Filling Attachment to be used in combination with the CorMax Foot Pump. It is highly recommended to purchase the CorMax Foot Pump for optimal assembly.