LYFT Power Bands


LYFT Power Bands is the best solution if interested in some fitness variety and at any fitness level.  As a popular alternative to standard strength building through fitness equipment and lifting, these power bands provide resistance through different levels of elastic strength and help strengthen and tone muscles in your lower-body with these resistance training tools.

Dimensions / Color / Resistance:

  • Green – ultra light (1/2” thick x 40” long, unstretched)
  • Purple – light (7/8” thick x 40” long, unstretched)
  • Blue – medium (1 1/8” thick x 40” long, unstretched)
  • Grey – heavy  (1 ¾” thick x 40” long, unstretched)
  • Black – extra heavy (2 ½” thick x 40” long , unstretched)

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive all-body exercise tool
  • Available in 5 different resistance levels and colors
  • Power bands can be combined with other equipment to create even more variety
  • Great for working out while traveling
  • Cost-effective and space-saving

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