Reprinted: IHRSA Feature Article, October 2020

In rethinking gym design in the current environment, a range of new demands has come into play. But managing these new challenges can create the opportunity for fitness facilities to reinvent themselves.

Making it work is all about adapting to what members want in their experience from the gym floorplan to gym equipment to digital fitness content and beyond.

“People want to get out of their homes and back to the gym, but they don’t want to go back to the old gym. They want to go to the new gym,” says Bryan Green, Founder and CEO of Aktiv Solutions. “They want to go to the gym of the future. And the gym of the future is experiential: open space, variable in fitness training modalities, and omni-channel, all while maintaining the highest safety standards.”

FitnessDesignGroup uses smart gym design to help operators create controllable, experiential fitness environments with open and variable spaces, digital fitness guidance and the right fitness equipment.

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