Revvll in the possibilities! Revvll ONE is the first variable resistance portable rope trainer. Rope resistance training offers the highest time-under-tension and a constant but adjustable resistance for pushing and pulling movements.

Try these exercises with your Revvll ONE… you can even use it at home!

Hand Over Hand Rope Pull:
With soft knees and hips dropped slightly, extend one hand to the highest point on the REVVLL and pull as far as possible retracting the scapula, engaging the lats, and if desired, rotating through the waist. Repeat with the other hand, and continue this “hand over hand” fluid movement.

Double Hand Pull: 
Take things up a notch with more intense core work here. Increase the resistance by turning the adjustment dial. From the proper stance reach both hands to the highest point on the REVVLL rope, and pull down as hard as possible while you drop your hips. Extend one hand at a time to the top of the rope and repeat.

Both movements can be done for time or reps and at different resistance levels.


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