As we move into a new decade, fitness trend reports are abundant, but one thing is clear, in order to remain competitive, facilities must offer flexible training spaces designed and outfitted to facilitate dynamic and functional movements and multiple training modalities.

Fitness in 2020 and beyond will continue to evolve. Fitness enthusiasts want to try new things and vary their workouts, to encompass everything from HIIT to body weight training to recovery and everything in between.

Therefore, crafting the fitness space is about maximizing exercise facilitation, not equipment per square foot. The good news for fitness facility operators is that they will be able to accommodate this growing demand while thinning out their investment in heavy equipment per square foot.

Achieving exercise balance will always remain key. You must also consider the varying interests of your user demographic. What appeals to one of your residents, guests, employees, or students, will not always appeal to the next. Incorporating larger flexibility areas and functional training zones, and adding more small but useful accessories are all natural places to begin.

Integrating digital exercise guidance is also a very smart move. The right platform can offer significant variability in programming, and activate your space in dynamic and energizing ways.

It’s a greater challenge than ever today to create a fitness amenity that meets the broadening demands of its guests. It can also be your greatest opportunity to elevate your offering above those of your competitors.

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