Functional Training is on a seemingly endless upward trend and it’s here to stay. There are, of course, a plethora of tools and accessories available to facilitate functional training. But what if there was one tool that was so versatile, it could work the entire body and be accessible for literally everybody during individual, group, at home or outdoor training?

Introducing the new Aktiv® AQUA line of products. Aktiv® AQUA incorporates water to effectively create a unique stabilization challenge during functional movement. The amount of water can be easily adjusted to achieve the desired weight for each workout and user.

The reactionary forces driven by the shifting weight improve power and strength to offer versatility for balance, coordination and sports specific training.

Using the Aktiv® AQUA Bag or Ball versus a static weight instability and forces the engagement of large and small muscle groups to continually “right” the shifting weight during all movement. For example, during a basic bicep curl, the core, shoulders, glutes and hips are all called upon throughout the entire movement to react to the unpredictable nature of the fluctuating fluid.  Explosive lower body and overhead movements such as cleans or thrusters create even more instability. Even simple overhead carries provide a serious total body challenge due to the shifting weight.

Extremely durable and waterproof for easy cleaning, Aktiv® AQUA products are ideal for outdoor and boot camp style training.

aktiv-aqua-line-powered-by-cormaxThe Aktiv® AQUA line features four various sizes of water and air filled strength training products. The AQUA Ball holds up to 6.6 gallons of water, and can be used for various Kettlebell or medicine ball type movements. The AQUA BAG and AQUA BAG II are ideal for barbell or slosh pipe exercises with up to 5.2 and 10.5 gallons respectively. The Aktiv® AQUA Beast is the most intense and challenging conditioning tool, holding up to 15.8 gallons.

Aktiv® AQUA products add entirely new dimensions and plenty of fun and challenge to any training program. Training Unpredictably® today! >> Learn More.