Written in partnership by Aktiv and TRIBE Team Training

A professional, Small Group Training (SGT) department can add real value to a health club’s bottom line. In fact, outside of membership revenue, SGT revenue is fast becoming the second-largest revenue stream for health clubs. Top-performing clubs, with effective SGT systems, can generate an average of $250k per annum in SGT revenue alone. For clubs with more than one facility or larger club chains, this can equate to millions in additional revenue across the organization. A scalable, club-driven SGT department is an opportunity not to be missed! Find out below how TRIBE Team Training in partnership with Aktiv Solutions can provide a 5-step, turn-key SGT model to ensure your success!

Step 1. Space Design and Branding

Not all in-club SGT spaces are created equal! That is the beauty of having the Aktiv and TRIBE design teams work with you right from the very beginning. Most clubs are now incorporating some form of functional space within their facility; however, it is important to get it right. Some have the luxury of fitting out dedicated SGT studios, utilizing their group exercise studios, refurbishing racquetball, or court spaces, and some run SGT within functional spaces on the gym floor. TRIBE Team Training branded programs, alongside Aktiv’s GYM RAX modular functional training and storage systems can work in any space available to ensure a quality member experience like no other.

Action 1: Set a time to meet with the Aktiv and TRIBE design teams. Together we will ensure that you have a professional, user-friendly, branded space ready to attract paying members!

Functional training space for small group training. Step 2. Club-Driven Scalable Programming

What does this mean? While we know fitness professionals are hugely important (see Step 4. 😊), programming should not be reliant on any one specific Coach, because it makes it hard for the club to replicate. TRIBE Team Training allows clubs to utilize their branded SGT programs, such as TribeFIT™, TribeCORE™, TribeLIFE™, TribePUNCH™, and TribeKIDS™ along with the tailored equipment and accessories provided by Aktiv to support each program. Members fall in love with the TRIBE programs and equipment and any Coach can get certified and deliver the TRIBE programs to expert standards. This model allows clubs to have full control in how they scale up their SGT offering, either within one club or across multiple locations.

Action 2: Work with the TRIBE and Aktiv business teams to set the scale for what you would like to achieve in your SGT department. Then choose the TRIBE programs that will help you get there! 

Step 3. The Launch Game Plan

Connecting people is what we do best! However, connecting members with like-minded members and great coaches is only part of the puzzle. For your SGT department to really generate the numbers, you need full integration across all in-club stakeholders i.e., members, fitness teams, front-of-house, sales, marketing, and management teams. TRIBE Team Training will walk you through a proven connect-the-dots Game Plan that will ensure you achieve maximal financial results.

Action 3: Our teams will be with you every step of the way to execute the Launch Game Plan!

A Tribe Coach giving instructions to a fitness member. Step 4. Coach Education

Attracting and keeping top fitness professionals should be one of our leading business strategies year-on-year. After all, our fitness professionals are passionate individuals interacting and forming relationships with our members day after day. Coaching SGT can draw on the strengths of both our Group Exercise Instructors and Personal Trainers. TRIBE Team Training will provide you with specialized SGT Coach certification and education where your coaches can also earn their valued CEC’s through NASM, AFAA and/or ACE. This built-in education will ensure that your members are experiencing a consistently delivered world-class product to the highest standard every time!

Action 4: Talk with the TRIBE team and set a time for your Coaches to gain their TRIBE certification, ready for launch!

Step 5. Programming That Builds Loyalty

One of the most powerful by-products of a well-structured club-driven SGT program is the connection, community, and sense of belonging for your members. The powerful combination of TRIBE Team Training SGT model and Aktiv’s equipment solutions fosters real member connection by creating teams of like-minded people working out together in effective, energizing spaces under the expertise and guidance of a TRIBE Coach. In a TRIBE team environment, members create close friendships where they are accountable to each other, and as a result, become loyal members within your club community.

It is well documented that people working out together in a team gain far greater results than working out on their own. The TRIBE programming + turn-key equipment model is built around continuous programming delivered in 8-week seasons that capture and celebrate the incredible results that your members will achieve!

Action 5: Connect with TRIBE’s ongoing programming, business, and marketing support, you have a model that keeps members coming back for more!