There is no doubt as we move into 2020 that a fundamental societal shift is underway bringing wellness into the mainstream like never before. This ‘wellness movement’ is exploding, and it’s challenging the hospitality industry to consider how to integrate a healthy lifestyle and sense of wellbeing into amenities for guests across the board.

A recent whitepaper released by Accor on the Business of Wellness and Hospitality cites many key findings pointing in this direction. Consider the following…

Delight guests with innovative wellness options and they are more likely to return:

Customers who gave positive feedback about wellness were 38% more likely to give their hotel a top overall satisfaction score.

Health and Wellbeing is a #1 goal:

56% of affluent travelers take steps in daily life to stay healthy.

Wellness Travelers spend more:

Compared to the average tourist wellness travelers spend 56% more per trip on international trips and 178% more on domestic trips.


Wellness is a massive opportunity for the hospitality industry. The quest to live a healthy lifestyle is universal, and spans across all demographics and all travelers. Hotel brands must up their game when it comes to creating a wellness experience, and engaging with a functional fitness design specialist will help you do just that.

Read the full White Paper here.

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