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Apogee was designed to maximize space efficiency and facilitate programming, safety and a truly unique exercise experience. In a crowded field of CrossFit® styled structures and an otherwise hardcore aesthetic, Apogee is a smart system designed to scale and attract members towards a broader engagement with all modalities that Function Training may invite in your facility.  Apogee combines striking design with brilliant technology.

Built upon the GYM RAX commitment to unapparelled quality and function in modular rigging, each frame and storage integration is crafted to provide maximum value in finish, activation, and longevity.

The true difference is in the details…

  • Our proprietary Freedom Mount® technology utilizes a closed-loop shackle to create an articulating, non-binding connection for the quick suspension of all types of equipment from straps to heavy bags to aerial hammocks.
  • When it comes to storage – It’s in our DNA. GYM RAX facilitates space preservation and function in a significantly superior format than any other storage system available. From the NEW Universal Ball Rax to our shallow basin air-vented Trough Rax, Apogee storage solutions provide exceptional value and function for any space dedicated to movement.
  • Durability is critical in functional rigging. Our premium automotive paint process provides additional layers of texture and style resulting in an unparalleled finish and resilience.
  • Safety is paramount, and it’s ingrained in every facet of the Apogee design. This is best illustrated by our unique boot system that provides a protective base shrouding, eliminating the dangers and unsightliness of exposed anchor bolts.
  • Apogee is completely adjustable and infinitely configurable. Begin with a single bay and end where and when you need to. Reconfigure as you adjust and evolve your programming without the need for technicians or even tools.

If you are looking for a system to multiply your training space and storage efficiency while delivering a dynamic functional environment, look no further. Apogee is the fitness industry’s apex in Smart Rigging™ solutions.



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