Feature Reprinted: Club Industry

The small group training environment continues to evolve and Aktiv Solutions along with Rick Mayo’s Alloy® Personal Training have designs on its optimization. The companies recently announced a collaboration in which Aktiv has built a scalable training “stage” to power the programming delivered by Alloy in more than 500 clubs nationwide.

The result? Operators can integrate a tailored revenue-driving space from 400-1200 square feet inclusive of storage, suspension, and floor-graphics solutions.  These branded environments support Alloy’s programming model with specific attention to group movement flow, safety, and the guided coaching experience.

“Alloy drives significant non-dues revenue every day for hundreds of clubs across the country,” said Bryan Green, Founder & CEO of Aktiv. “Rick’s constantly adding session variety and new variables to the mix.  Refining the spaces in which these dynamic sessions take place adds measurable value to the facility and significantly enhances the training experience”

Recently, Alloy re-imagined space within their Atlanta, Georgia hub.  Several Alloy affiliates have also begun to initiate the new training environments.

“With so many competing studio formats today, we want to help our clients establish the best results-driven experiences possible within their facilities,” said Mayo, Alloy Founder. “Member motivation comes in many forms.       A well-designed space that’s inclusive and inspiring helps our coaches get the most out of every session they deliver.

The Alloy training spaces are scalable and are designed to accommodate any number of clients per session.  Aktiv’s functional design specialists also provide consultation towards inspirational wall graphics and other branded elements unique to each facility.

For more information on Alloy Personal Training programs or the functional design solutions provided by Aktiv, visit www.aktivsolutions.com and www.teamalloy.com

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