Project NameBooty Lab

Location: Wilmington, NC

Market Segment: Boutique Studio Gym

Facility Size: 1582 sq. ft.

Project Summary: Booty Lab is all about helping members find their strength and confidence through small group training sessions.

Booty Lab partnered with Aktiv to enhance functional capacity and flow of their studio. Aktiv reconfigured the room, dedicating one side to strength with squat bays and the other to movement-based training and smart storage with GYM RAX®. Users now enjoy designated spaces for strength training and functional movements, optimizing efficiency throughout the facility. Booty Lab has created a welcoming space where members can find beauty in strength.

Gym designed with strength training.

“Treating clients like they are your only business takes a lot of energy and time,” said Rebecca McAbee, Booty Lab Owner. “As a business owner, I always show the client how valued they are and that their experience and feedback make a difference.  This is precisely how the Aktiv Solutions team treated me and my team at Booty Lab. [Aktiv] staying connected with me through the entire process.”

Three people working out in a boutique studio gym designed for strength training.

This unique training studio has everything members need for effective, personalized strength training.

Booty Lab has experienced so much demand and success that their current studio has reached full capacity. In response to the high demand and growing popularity of their fitness programs, Booty Lab is now actively exploring the possibility of expanding to a second location.

“This is not my first gym up-fit, and I plan to continue using [Aktiv] as my business grows.”

Boutique gym studio with functional storage to optimize the space.

Featured Equipment:


  • Cardio
  • Strength
  • Functional
  • HITT
  • Turf for Sled Work
  • Rubber Flooring


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