Excellence in Strength-Based Training

Quality and Excellence in Strength-Based Training

The GYM RAX® FORMA™ is crafted to meet the demands of every commercial fitness facility or luxury home gym. Offering an unrivaled durability and precision in engineering, FORMA equipment is meticulously designed to optimize workout performance and maximize results. A modular line of premium Olympic style racking, plates, benches, and dumbbells for every space in fitness.
High school weight room with custom olympic racks and gym flooring

The SMITH 3D Trainer™ (S3D) is an evolutionary strength training system, marking a major advancement in barbell training technology. Unlike traditional Smith machines that feature only a fixed linear range of motion (ROM), the S3D’s primary advancement is a multi-directional ROM that mimics the natural travel path of an Olympic barbell.

A New Standard in Free-Weight Function and Aesthetic

Olympic Rack

Designed for efficiency and results-driven training, the FORMA Olympic Rack establishes ease of adjustment with its patent pending Free Lock™ connection technology, plate storage, and exceptional safety. Whether you’re performing squats, bench presses, lunges, landmine exercises, or pull-ups, the FORMA Olympic Rack provides a secure and stable platform to support all ranges of movement.

Choose Your Colorway

Pull Up Bar

Made of high-quality steel that balances performance and durability. The heavy-duty construction supports substantial weight load allowing one to train with confidence and without compromise.

7ft Olympic Barbell

Made of the highest-grade spring steel and designed to perform for a lifetime. Bar knurling supports all levels of strength training with a comfortable, consistent feel that you can expect every time you lift.

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