Modern training spaces for strength, movement and recovery are the most coveted zones in student recreation facilities both inside and outdoors. In order to remain competitive, your Fitness Facility must be dynamic, innovative, and results driven, facilitate community and connectivity, offer digital guidance and provide ample and flexible space for multiple modalities. Clearly safety and hygiene are of the utmost importance.

So how do you achieve these multiple requirements within your space?

Join Aktiv Solutions’ Director of Education Andrew Gavigan, and Founder, Bryan Green on November 30 at 12:30 pm ET for an informative and solutions-oriented discussion that will entertain these topics and more…

  • How to address the rebalancing of the fitness floor towards an increasing demand for movement-oriented spaces.
  • Raising the bar in delivering experiential exercise spaces.
  • Movement zones:  Segmenting Hiit Training to Recovery spaces safety and sufficiently.
  • How important are entertainment and digital exercise guidance integrations?
  • Do your dynamic training spaces project inclusiveness and a broader appeal?
  • Maximizing occupancy safely without reducing the impact and quality of the exercise experience.
  • How to create spaces that can change over time as trends and needs shift.

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