At Aktiv, our mission is to solve for issues and pain points that fitness facilities face daily – and offer solutions. Enter ACADEMY Studio. ACADEMY was born from our years of experience in designing safe, functional and revenue generating spaces. We’ve vetted out the most efficient use of space, the best product options, flooring, and programming to design the ultimate exercise experience for your guests or members. ACADEMY is a fully optimized training environment that effectively solves for so many issues faced today, including…

  1. Offer Dynamic and Flexible Functional Training

Providing a stimulating and results-driven experience is largely credited as the heart of the success for boutique studios. According to the 2018 IHRSA Health Club Consumer Report, membership of boutique fitness facilities grew by 121% over the last five years, while industry-wide the increase was 15%. Boutiques also attract a significantly larger percentage of Millennials and Generation Zeros because they create and exemplify best practices in client experience and engagement..

Enter ACADEMY Studio. ACADEMY is specifically designed to deliver this same results-driven, high touch, group experience. With fresh and fun tools and accessories, and a robust library of guided digital workouts, ACADEMY has inherent flexibility built in to allow for variations in workout concepts so that facilities can utilize the space for multiple formats and change things up daily – even hourly. ACADEMY is for every fitness space … whether it’s used to power boutiques through a private label format, or bring the boutique experience to health clubs, YMCA’s and even Multifamily fitness centers.

  1. Make Use of Underutilized Space And Create a Functional Training Zone in Any Space

ACADEMY creates the studio experience in an efficient, systemic, way to optimize the space that’s available, and it’s scalable to almost any situation.

Formats range in size and can support a functional occupancy of 4 – 15 simultaneous participants. Loaded with fresh and functional training tools, such as sandbells, suspension straps, endless rope training, Aktiv AQUA, kettlebells and more, ACADEMY facilitates energizing and dynamic group training in spaces as small as 142 sq feet.

  1. Offer Unsupervised Guided Training

Powered by our new digital platform, Aktiv TV, the ACADEMY program guides balanced workouts by preset duration, so it can facilitate unsupervised workouts, or be used as an assist by trainers during group or individual workouts.

Aktiv TV delivers a robust library of easy to follow sequential or free-play style workouts for fitness enthusiasts at any level. Choose any TV display type to support your ideal training footprint.

  1. Aktiv has Done the Work For You – it’s Turnkey!

Academy is a 100 percent turnkey service, whichsaves the club operator a tremendous amount of time and resources spent on design process and other expenses. Facilities can get all the benefits they’re seeking from small group functional training but in a much more systematized way.

ACADEMY also supports custom branding and content, so facilities can also use their own logo and color scheme and integrate their own content into the system. And while Aktiv TV’s digital service has all the workouts you need, you can use your own instructors and programming if you desire.

Providing guided, results-driven training, flexibility in programming and a stimulating group environment is challenging to say the least. ACADEMY delivers on all of it – utilizing the space you have to create an exciting exercise experience for your members.