Designing The Exercise Experience® Workshop

Key inclusions:

  • Goal Establishments: What are they and how will you measure success
  • Your Ecosystem: Introduction to Space, Rigging, and its full Functionality
  • What’s different here and Why?
  • Establish an umbrella of inclusiveness and Safety
  • Driving revenue and having fun doing it
  • Coaching techniques and best practices within the Ecosystem
  • Practice the principles of creating your brand driven exercise experience 
  • Ability to earn CEU’s with NCCA accredited agencies 
Delivering great training guidance and strong customer service are pre-requisites to success, but do not assure it. Creating experiential spaces and interactions that remain variable over time is key to customer retention in fitness.

The Aktiv Solutions’ Designing The Exercise Experience® workshop will help you activate your functional training ecosystem in a way that is both experiential and impactful. Building enthusiasm for your clients and staff alike will serve as the foundation for maximizing your investments in space allocation and equipment.

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