According to the Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2019, Millennials and Gen Z’s value experiences. They are prioritizing material things less and less, and assigning greater importance to experiences, and that includes their workouts.

Millennial Marketing reveals that community is also key … millennials seek a communal environment, and social settings are no longer reserved for happy hour and dinner parties.  Instead, Millennials are taking their desire to be social into the fitness arena.

Further, Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association’s annual report found that Millennials are more likely to partake in physical activity that is more focused on togetherness.

So ask yourself, does your fitness amenity measure up?

Cultivating a social fitness experience is critical if you are looking to attract Millennials to invest in your residence long term.

If your on-site fitness amenity lacks this social sensibility, Aktiv offers options and solutions to cultivate the community experience:


Dynamic training environments and functional training zones allow several users to train simultaneously, creating a sense of physical and emotional support that is highly social for participants. Functional training is also one of today’s hottest workout trends.

Enter ACADEMY Studio. ACADEMY Studio is a turn key functional training solution designed by the experts at Aktiv. ACADEMY is completely optimized with flooring, digital guidance, accessories and storage to fully support this type of training. Available in several formats and sizes to fit any space, ACADEMY will support a functional occupancy of 4-15 simultaneous participants. It’s loaded with tons of training tools and accessories to create an always-energizing workout experience.


Today’s fitness enthusiasts look for connectivity and interaction in everything they do. Technology is woven throughout every activity and environment, and it’s expected.

Further, It’s no secret that most multi-family communities have unsupervised amenities.

So how does one create sociable circumstances and connectivity? Use technology to facilitate it!

ACADEMY is powered by Aktiv TV, a robust digital self guided training platform that facilitates sequential functional workouts that can be done by one, two, or several people at once. This type of functional circuit training facilitates the “we are all in this together” mentality and a camaraderie that’s hugely social in nature.


Millennials and Gen Z’s also crave variety and fun. ACADEMY facilitates endless variations in training, so the workouts are always fresh and dynamic. Every item and accessory is at the ready, and easily stored once workouts are complete.

A well-thought-out fitness amenity will undoubtedly inspire communal spirit and bring residents together. Adopting initiatives that directly answer to – and exceed – your residents expectations will establish your property as an unparalleled place to live.

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