ReAktiv Link



The ReAktiv link is a fantastic anchoring tool to use for semi-permanent fastening of suspended training equipment such as straps, rope trainers, and punching bags.

The ReAktiv Link creates a closed connection between two fixed anchor points. Meaning that, once in place, the link makes it difficult to remove your equipment from the suspended mount vs. a carabiner or other quick-change intermediaries. This is great for facilities that want to ensure their equipment stays in place for class sessions or just to control the intention of the environment better.

ANTI-THEFT: The ReAktiv Link requires tools and time to take down making it an excellent deterrent for gym facilities that may have limited supervision.

The linking system also works particularly well with the Gym Rax Freedom Mount as its designed to extend the same great flow and non-binding effect that our closed shackle system creates.

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Used For

Suspended training equipment such as; straps, rope trainers, and punching bags.


1.85" x 1.5" x 0.63" (47 mm x 38 mm x 16 mm)


330 lbs (150kg) load capacity


Stainless steel and Nylon


0.2 lbs (100 g)


10 years

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