Project Name: University of Virginia

Location: Charlottesville, VA

Market Segment: University  

Project summary:

This 1000-square-foot fitness facility at the University of Virginia is getting tons of chatter and excitement from students. The vibrant custom-color GYM RAX® Bridge sets the stage for an energetic boxing-focused space delivering a high occupancy for students to expend loads of positive energy together.

No detail was missed in this installation. The custom orange color GYM RAX Bridge and Double Suspension Bay were paired with blue aqua punching bags and heavy bags to add the UVA branding throughout the space.

Now UVA can’t keep up with student demand! Their classes fill up so fast that they are already considering expanding to meet their students’ growing needs to #getAktiv!

Students working out in University of Virginia's fitness facility.

UVA wanted a combative studio equipped with a variety of combative training tools, from Muay Thai bags, teardrop aqua bags, speed bags, wall-mounted body bags, and GYM RAX Suspension Bays with Recoil Trainers and storage for an assortment of accessories.

Included Zones:

  • Functional Training Zone
  • Combative Training Zones

University of Virginia fitness center design by Aktiv Solutions.

The 21’ GYM RAX T-Bridge and custom orange color Double Suspension Bay were paired with the blue aqua punching bag to add the UVA branding throughout the space.

Featured Equipment

  • GYM RAX Apogee 21’ T-Bridge
  • GYM RAX Double Suspension Bay
  • Aktiv Functional Training Accessories
  • Muay Thai Bags
  • Teardrop Aqua Punching Bags