Train Unpredictably™! Fill Aktiv® AQUA products with the desired amount of water to create a unique stabilization challenge during functional movement. Reactionary forces improve power and strength to offer versatility for balance, coordination, posture and sports specific training. Take the AQUA Bag anywhere for a great outside or at-home workout!

Try this Dynamic Stability Workout…

Reverse Lunge with Twist:

Begin with the AQUA Bag in the front rack position. Step back into a reverse lunge, squeezing your thighs together to keep your hips in line and using your core, glutes, adductors and abductors to stabilize and center your body. Rotate through the torso across your bent leg. Stand, and repeat on the other side. Do this five times.

Lumberjack Squat:

The Lumberjack Squat can be a moderate or intense challenge depending on the water load. Holding the AQUA Bag on one shoulder, drop into a deep squat. As you come up, rotate through the hips, pivoting your feet. Do this five times on each side.

Rest for one minute, and repeat.