SANTA MONICA, CA – Leading functional fitness design and supply company Aktiv Solutions has announced the launch of its innovative new outdoor training structures, Ecosystem. Ecosystem is the latest addition to the Gym Rax® line of Smart Rigging™ solutions and was conceived to meet the growing demand for guided exercise outdoors.

Ecosystem’s sweeping curvature and organic form establishes an outdoor training experience designed to engage and inspire. The establishment of outdoor exercise spaces continue to expand the boundaries for personal and group style training activity. Ecosystem was conceived to facilitate a unique training solution for residential buildings, corporate and university campuses, public parks, and as an outdoor component for well-appointed health clubs. 

“There exists a nearly insatiable and largely unmet demand for outdoor exercise activation today,” says Aktiv Solutions Founder and CEO, Bryan Green. “Fundamentally, our mission in creating Ecosystem is to establish the same heightened level of user engagement, guidance, and welcoming that our indoor training solutions are known to provide in leading fitness facilities around the globe. Today more than ever we have to meet people wherever they wish to exercise.”  

Varied and more broadly inclusive fitness experiences are a critical requirement towards capturing appeal from beginning exercise participants to workout enthusiasts alike. Ecosystem installations have already begun, including most recently on behalf of the city of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Upcoming placements further include luxury hotel properties, university student housing, and several multi-residential property types. 

Outdoor fitness is one of the fastest growing areas within the health and wellness marketplace.  Ecosystem’s free mobile app provides a guided tour of endless training possibilities. Participants learn how to interact with the structure and choose from an extensive library of both body weight and accessory-based exercises. Ecosystem bridges create a safe and intentional space to exercise for all ages.  

“Ecosystem structures come to life with human engagement and create an endless array of training possibilities,” says Teresa Glauser, Director of Client Experience for Aktiv Solutions. “These beautiful and supremely functional systems are a space definer, a space creator, and an exercise inspirer.” The structures’ designated Freedom® Mount connection points uniquely invite additional equipment integration including suspension straps, tethered resistance, punching bags, and even aerial yoga hammocks.  

All touchpoints include premium stainless-steel finishing.  Aircraft quality aluminum framing and engineered eco-coatings reduce heat during sun exposure and extend the durability and appearance of each structure for years of anticipated high use. 

“We designed Ecosystem to create both intention as well as direction for open space operators and their constituents as they engage in exercise at all skill levels outdoors,” said Green. “Our goal is to infuse an energetic landscape and welcome a natural training reach of creativity for all to enjoy.”  

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