The Next Generation In Suspension – Aktiv Straps™ are fabricated with only the highest quality materials ensuring maximum safety and functionality. Straps come in a variety of colors and are built for the rigors of commercial facilities worldwide. A dual anchor system and interchangeable handles allow for an unlimited amount of popular training movements. Utilized by athletes & professional studios alike, Aktiv Straps™ are a must for any functional training environment – even at home workouts!

Try these exercises with the Aktiv Straps…

The Aktiv Straps Pec Fly can be done from a single anchor point or by utilizing the dual anchor option. The user will firmly grip the Straps handle, and step back into the push up position. Stepping further back will make the exercise heavier. Depress and stabilize the shoulder blades before lowering into the fly position. Maintain that stabilization throughout the movement. Purposefully squeeze the chest muscles together at the top of the movement.

Aktiv Barre Core Rollouts:
This exercise requires that the Aktiv Barre is attached to the Straps. Easily remove the standard handles, and attach the Barre and you are ready to go. Once again from the push up position position your feet in the appropriate place. Extend your arms forward as if you are going to press the Barre overhead. Only go as far as you can while maintaining a stabilized core. return to the starting position and repeat. Keep your abs braced throughout the entire movement.

Both exercises can be done for reps or for time.

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