Project Name: Mainstead at Century Farms Fitness Amenity 
Location: Antioch, TN
Market Segment: Multifamily
Facility Size: 2,018 sq ft (approx.)

Project Summary: Aktiv Solutions partnered with Mainstead at Century Farms in Nashville, Tennessee, to curate a truly exceptional fitness amenity experience. Nestled within a vibrant community rich in lifestyle amenities and convenience, Mainstead envisioned a wellness space that transcended quality equipment and aesthetics. Aktiv embraced this vision, aiming to create a fitness haven where residents could achieve their wellness goals with ease and completeness, right at home.

gym rax bridge apartment fitness center gym design by aktiv

Tailored Fitness and Vibrant Community
Aktiv strategically implemented a diverse range of equipment catering to individual preferences and trending workouts. This ensured a comprehensive and engaging fitness environment, fostering resident wellness beyond physical training. Enveloping community and engagement throughout the energized space facilitates resident connection and socialization.

Design for Wow and Function
The custom-designed burnt orange GYM RAX® bridge and bays not only elevated the space’s visual appeal but also complemented the interior design, creating a cohesive and impressive aesthetic. Through an intuitive design process, Aktiv crafted a captivating fitness setting with tiered training options and top-tier equipment.

mainstead apartment fitness center gym design by aktiv

Personalized Boutique Experience:
Signature Xponential+ Training Bays offer a unique and personalized boutique studio experience, featuring classes from ten renowned brands. Residents will enjoy the convenience and substantial variety of personalized workouts without leaving the building. The Aktiv Trax flooring system and GYM RAX® Bridge training zone define the space’s open functional movement and performance training capabilities.

mainstead apartment gym cardio equipment

This new fitness space has promoted an incredible healthy lifestyle, captivating new offerings for current and new residents, and encompassed all the current training needs and wants of today.

Featured Equipment:


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