Aktiv Personal Multi-Mat


The commercial grade Aktiv Personal Multi-Mat can be used in fitness facilities of any kind or for individual use. Instantly adding comfort and support to your fitness routine, the textured design grips a wide range of surfaces, providing you with safety, balance and traction.


Product Description

The Aktiv Personal Multi-Mat was designed for use in gyms as a fitness and exercise pad, but can be used anywhere you need a comfortable escape from a hard floor, including any number of exercise programs and/or strength building regimens performed at home. This mat is lightweight and can be easily moved, making it ideal as a mat that will be perfect for an unlimited number of exercises and conditioning regimens, including yoga, pilates and floor exercises.  This mat has antimicrobial protection built in to prevent bacteria and mold growth that may cause odors or stains. This mat is lightweight and can be easily moved, making it ideal as a yoga mat.

Extremely durable material provides cushioned support and protection during floor exercises and an ideal exercise mat for stretching and light workouts, this soft cushioning foam mat is manufactured with durable, cross-linked polyethylene foam.  Use it for crunches, push-ups, Pilates, stretching, core training and more.  Easily clean the Aktiv Personal Multi-Mat with a damp cloth and/or antibacterial spray after every use.

The Aktiv Fitness premium line of functional exercise tools inspire and support today’s high-demand dynamic training environments.



Blue, Grey


6' x 2'