Designed to appeal to value-conscious multigenerational consumers in the midscale space, Tru by Hilton launched in January of 2016 and has been growing like wildfire ever since.

Serving up huge value within smartly designed, streamlined spaces is what the brand does best. It’s all about allowing ample opportunities for ease of movement and flow, without shorting the amenities that guests want and need. Every element is thought out and meant to deliver.

From the mobile desktops in guestroom to the open shelving, everything is set up for convenience and flow leading to great guest experience. This is hospitality design at its best.

Unsurprisingly, this carries over to the fitness facility, proudly designed by FitnessDesignGroup and functionally supplied by Aktiv Solutions.

“Our partnership with Tru has been a fantastic match,” says Lila Kochergin, Vice President, Sales Operations for Aktiv. “Our mission is to deliver on today’s balance of what individuals expect out of fitness facilities and workout spaces. Tru exemplifies this approach in a modest but well thought out footprint.”

The movement within the fitness industry remains a ‘less is more’ trend, opening floor plans and increasingly variable workout types.  Cramming a disproportionate amount of cardio is an outdated approach. Crafting the fitness space is about maximizing exercise facilitation for the user, not equipment per square foot. User expectations during travel are no exception.

“Tru is getting it right, that’s evident by their instant success and growth,” says Kochergin.

As we build the next generation of exercise environments, each must deliver on a multitude of fronts. Ease of use and digital guidance are critical. Modalities from Hiit Recovery sessions should be addressed. Space for dynamic movement is no longer a luxury, rather a necessity and Tru is leading the way on behalf of Hilton hotels.

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