First-ever functionally-inspired Xponential+ branded training spaces coming to hotels, universities, and corporate campuses nationwide

IRVINE, Calif. — Xponential Fitness, Inc. (NYSE: XPOF), the largest global franchisor of boutique fitness brands, and Aktiv Solutions (“Aktiv”), the leader in functional fitness facility design and supply, have partnered to integrate a one-of-a-kind series of immersive exercise equipment experiences tailored specifically for amenities located within leading hotels and resorts, corporate campuses, and high-end multi-family housing properties and universities. Creating a next-level, guided boutique exercise experience, Aktiv will set forth to envelop Xponential+ signature spaces powered by world-class digital content within these high-traffic facilities.

Aktiv’s proprietary Gym Rax® functional training bays will now incorporate thousands of sought-after Xponential+ on-demand classes creating endless workout varieties for every guest. These digitally connected fitness spaces will provide students, hotel guests, employees and residents with the opportunity to engage with all ten of Xponential’s boutique fitness brands digitally, anytime and anywhere.

“We are excited to partner with the creator of the world’s most functional and effective exercise spaces to bring Xponential+’s classes to an even broader group of fitness enthusiasts,” said Anthony Geisler, CEO of Xponential Fitness, Inc. “Together with Aktiv, Xponential will now physicalize the on-demand experience, bringing our digital offering to new locations beyond the four walls of our studios and into non-traditional spaces, including world-class hotels, university campuses, luxury apartment buildings and more.”

Aktiv currently serves a vast addressable market comprising more than six million hotels, universities, corporations, and multi-residential housing developments that together represent an estimated four billion annual workouts in the U.S. alone. Through this strategic partnership agreement, Xponential+ is provided an immediate opportunity to tap directly into Aktiv’s well-established commercial footprint.

“The commercial fitness industry has become increasingly competitive, and operators of all types can no longer simply offer traditional equipment solutions; they must also deliver relevant, innovative training apparatus and content tailored to energize and guide guests in their fitness experience,” said Bryan Green, CEO of Aktiv. “Travelers increasingly book hotels for their amenities; applicants accept job offers based on corporate benefits packages; and residents, now more than ever, seek out superior fitness centers when renting apartments. Together with Xponential’s world-class instructor-led virtual experiences, we will now help our clients further elevate their fitness facility appeal by delivering this best-in boutique offering to each fitness space we design.”

At the same time, Xponential builds its brand awareness and engages new consumers, participating facilities will set themselves apart by offering content from the most widely recognized boutique fitness brands across the globe. These innovative spaces are unique in their offering, providing operators a turn-key embedded solution that will debut across the country in early 2023.

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