Suspension exercise is not only an effective form of gaining strength and improving your fitness level, but it’s also a great way to get the best bang-for-your-buck with home gym equipment. Bodyweight Suspension Exercise allows for pulling, pushing, and lower body exercises, as well as stability training and core strength movements. Furthermore, all of the exercises can be performed within a relatively small space and can be easily and quickly adjusted to match any level of difficulty.

With home fitness equipment like the Aktiv STRAPS you can design and implement a full workout routine in your living room, without taking up any storage space, and for a reasonable price. Aktiv Straps are a dual anchor system which means that both sides of the STRAPS can be anchored to 1 point, or separately to 2 different points so you can control the leverage and perform single arm exercises with ease.

What sets Aktiv STRAPS apart from other suspension straps is the interchangeable handles. With carabiners that allow a quick switch to the Aktiv Sling, Aktiv Barre or Aktiv Grips in a matter of seconds, the STRAPS can support a myriad of training modalities within one training session, making this a game changer for at home gyms or in studio training.

Another major benefits of training with Aktiv Straps is the ease of adjustment during a workout routine or between different individual users by simply changing body position. Various studies using suspension bodyweight exercise devices have shown a difference of up to 42% of bodyweight force applied by changing the body position from a 30° angle to a 75° angle.

Full body functional workouts with STRAPS can incorporate:

  • Push Ups
  • Rows
  • Single Leg Squats
  • Planks
  • Bicep Curls
  • Single Leg Burpees
  • Hip Extensions
  • Deadlifts

The following workout will challenge your pecs, back, legs, and cardiovascular system and each move requires a significant amount of core strength and stability. Try this at home with your Aktiv Straps and door anchor:

:20 minute As Many Rounds as Possible

  • Push Up with knee tuck x 10
    • prescribed = hands on handles or barre, one knee at a time
    • challenge = feet in foot loops, both knees together
  • Alternating overhead lunge x10
    • extend handles overhead as you step forward into a lunge
  • Row x10
    • step feet closer for heavier/more resistance
  • Jump squats x10
    • prescribed = squat while holding handles, jump feet together into standing position
    • challenge =  squat while holding handles, jump as high as you can and land right back into a squat

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