IHRSA Feature Article, March 2022

It’s critically important to keep your facility fresh and updated when it comes to design and the use of space. But within our current climate, gym owners and operators are very likely experiencing tight budgets. So remaining relevant and fresh can be challenging.

There are certainly tangible things that can be done from a design and space allocation aspect to increase the member experience that won’t break the bank.

IHRSA recently tapped into Aktiv CEO Bryan Green’s thoughts on the matter, which we share here to assist you: 

Prioritize Space Considerations

Among the least expensive changes you can make in layout is simply rationalizing and rethinking your space.

As you consider layout changes, notes Bryan Green, Founder and CEO of Aktiv Solutions, “focusing on your movement-based areas can be among your best bets. Thin out lesser used selectorized strength areas and consider slight reductions in cardio. Utilize potential trade-in dollars to improve open area spaces and integrate lower-cost, high-value, small-format training tools within smart rigging configurations. This will not only help regain the attention of members but energize your training staff as they love to operate within these spaces—and it will show.”

Execute Design with Members—and the Bottom Line—in Mind

Any investment you make in design should first be done with the member experience in mind.

“Create spaces that show new and prospective members a different look than the rest. Establish areas where fun can meet exercise. Facilitate socialization vs. siloed members on static-state cardio plugged into their headphones,” says Green. “A ‘functional training playground’ can be the recipe for setting the stage for energy, engagement, and socialization­—and it’s the least costly in terms of furniture, fixtures, and equipment. If your club is dated or appears more traditional, create spaces within spaces that can slowly help you establish excitement and a pattern for future modernization. In the end, members will ultimately ask themselves if the look and feel of the environment itself reflects a place they want to come to and spend their time sweating vs. elsewhere.”

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