Project Name: University of Louisville Kentucky Student Recreation Center (CRC)

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Market Segment: Campus Recreation

Project Summary: The University of Louisville recognized that their recreation center was overcrowded and packed with equipment that students weren’t using. They wanted to open up space and create an environment for functional and group training that would foster community among students and that also tied in the strong University of Louisville Cardinal branding.

In partnership with Aktiv, a section of the main gym floor was transformed into a Cardinal-branded functional training space that students absolutely love.

“We used to have equipment wall to wall, but now we have opened up that space, added in the Aktiv [equipment] pieces with the bridge, the storage solutions that come with that, as well as kettlebells, dumbbells and medicine balls in that space,” said Danielle Lavender, Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness Programs. “And now users are able to plug and shop what they want to do.”

Branded Gym Rax bridge with accessories in University of Louisville Rec Center.

The University of Louisville wanted to build space that would grow and evolve as more and more students use the space. With the help of Aktiv, the functional training zone was designed with adaptability to expand the space as the University expands. The space features state-of-the-art movement-based training equipment with smart storage, accessories, and Aktiv Trax flooring.

“A lot more people gravitating towards that second tier of the gym,” says Claudia Cliff, a UofL student and staff member at CRC. “We had a lot of cardio equipment that wasn’t necessarily getting a lot of utilization. But now with the versatility of the gym racks equipment, you’ve got a lot of options and you’ve got people using it for everything that you can imagine.”

A Cardinal branded GYM RAX® Bridge in the center provides the space and functional storage for all accessories needed for both individual and group training. Custom dumbbells, plates with the Cardinal logo are included throughout the facility. The addition of the Cardinal branded Aktiv Trax creates guided cues for movement-based training.

“if you go to this facility, you will see the Cardinal logo any and everywhere, whether it’s the classic bird show in the teeth or it’s our retro logo, you’ll see that throughout this facility. And having a company that was able to tie those pieces in was huge for us. And I think especially when you’re in the college spaces, that’s what a lot of these students come to see.”


Featured Equipment: