Commercial fitness rigging is available in all shapes and sizes, and selecting the right systems for your environment can be critical to your success long term. Gym Rax systems are modular storage and suspension structures designed to facilitate both functional training and functional spatial planning for a multitude of spaces within your facility. The care and quality behind your choices here can directly affect the safety, satisfaction, and experiences you share with members of your club.

Here are just a few important elements to consider.  Check out the video below for a deeper dive into Gym Rax® Smart Rigging systems.


Gym Rax adjustable storage technology allows for the inter-changeability of shelving within every Bay – no tools required! Configure systems any way you like and change over time in alignment with your programing requirements and design of your gym. This is critical in terms of exercise accommodation and the ability to flexibly adapt over time to changes in accessory and training format requirements.

Workout Variability

The Gym Rax patented Freedom® Mount anchoring system safely suspends all of today’s dynamic exercise tools on your bridge or bay configurations. One of the biggest concerns for operators is how guest interact with the equipment within their spaces.  Proceed with the utmost in caution when determining the various ways that you intend for 3rdparty accessories, devices, and your clients themselves will anchor to your rigging systems!

Ease of Installation & Cost Savings

The vast majority of fitness-based rigging today requires permanent fixture to a structural floor or wall to achieve safety and performance benefits. This requires verification that the gym floors or walls be scanned to avoid penetration into non-structural surfaces upon installation. The GYM RAX Free Anchor system eliminates this time-consuming and costly process altogether. The installation process is also much more streamlined.

Style & Presentation

Look to invest in efficient utility and presentation reflective of the style of your facility, not  simply a mishmash of assorted racks better suited for a garage style boot camp. The cost of ownership towards a more thoughtful selection of rigging over time is minimal compared to cardio and other equipment category purchases. Spending a bit more to gain a better aesthetic and quality of system will pay massive dividends over time and extend the longevity of your investment.

See for yourself what GYM RAX Smart Rigging™ is by watching video here: